Shipping Policy

Standard delivery times of goods and services:

The standard delivery time of every product contains three weeks duration starting from the date the buyer placed the order. In case, if there is an emergency or a customer might highlight a strict deadline, we charge a little bit extra to complete that order. More importantly, the charges may vary depending upon the type of furniture ordered at our studio.

Other than that, we also verify the address mentioned by the buyer in the database filling form. We not just confirm the order digitally but also verify it by contacting you. Note down that Watan Furnitures doesn’t have any terms of service regarding delivering any furniture category outside the premises of Pakistan. Moreover, we don’t accept any international orders. Additionally, we also concentrate on accepting multiple orders under one single transaction.

Hence, we don’t charge any hidden charges for placing orders for multiple orders in one go. Although, we might deliver it at the same time when requested by the buyers.