Terms of Services

Following are the points selected as terms of service that initiate certain rules in relation to purchasing any product from Watan Furnitures. These are specific guidelines that a buyer must consider before making a purchase.

1. Standard delivery times of goods and services:

The standard delivery time of every product contains three weeks duration starting from the date the buyer placed the order. In case, if there is an emergency or a customer might highlight a strict deadline, we charge a little bit extra to complete that order. More importantly, the charges may vary depending upon the type of furniture ordered at our studio.

Other than that, we also verify the address mentioned by the buyer in the database filling form. We not just confirm the order digitally but also verify it by contacting you. Note down that Watan Furnitures doesn’t have any terms of service regarding delivering any furniture category outside the premises of Pakistan. Moreover, we don’t accept any international orders. Additionally, we also concentrate on accepting multiple orders under one single transaction.

Hence, we don’t charge any hidden charges for placing orders for multiple orders in one go. Although, we might deliver it at the same time when requested by the buyers.

2. Return/exchange of goods:

Watan Furnitures offers 100% free return/replacement if there is any damage or color/design was different as requested. In case of disappointment or collecting an order that might not match with your mentioned order details, contact our customer service team. We will help you immediately and will try to fix your problem. After the procedure gets completed and your complaint is filed, we would try to check the authenticity of the matter. Above all, we would try to check the validity of the complaint and would respond back. These are the very important terms of service that a buyer feels responsible for.

Often, we respond back to our customers and replace the required product with another authentic quality product. However, if we don’t find any genuine point stated, our team would no longer be responsible for the return or replace the product with the new product.

3.Refunds and return terms of service

Upon order cancellation by Watan Furnitures due to any reason (i.e. out of stock), customers would get a 100% refund (as a Cheque to the customer’s address) within 15 days.

Upon order cancellation by customers, Watan Furnitures, refund the remaining amount (as a Cheque to the customer’s address) after deductions (clearly mentioned under “Cancellation of orders”).

4.Cancellation of orders:

Non – COD:

Followings are the deductions upon order cancelation:

  • Cancelled on the same day – No deduction except the standard payment transferred fees
  • Cancelled after one day – 25% of deduction from total amount


  • Cancelled on the same day – No deduction except the standard payment transferred fees
  • Cancelled after one day – 25% of deduction of total amount (appear as negative balance)
  • Declined to receive the order without any reason – 50% of deduction of total amount (appear as negative balance).

General Terms Of Service

Be careful while performing any purchase from Watan Furnitures as we wouldn’t take any responsibility for your misleads. Terms of service may apply to those who might make mistakes doing damage during buying the product. Also, the pricing information of the product might disclose to the buyer when he/she will be negotiating with our team. Prior to the process of selection, no usual prices of the customized order will be shared.

At the time of registration, a buyer would get the opportunity to either accept or refuse the mentioned package. After that, our team would not accept any negotiation during the time of delivery or might accept any argument with the Watan Furnitures’s mobile.

Credit Card Information

Firstly, you might be asked to submit all the details regarding credit or debit cards to the proper secure channel. Secondly, make sure that you might perform transactions on Watan Furnitures’s authentic approved payment channel. Our studio would not accept any illegal card authority and would mark you as default for the future.

Moreover, we will secure the information shared by you during performing transactions. We completely take liability and make sure that your data remains safe with us.

Newsletters and event messages

After submitting the personal information, a communication team of Watan Furnitures will send you newsletters and exclusive event messages. In case you wanted to get rid of such specific terms of service, we offer an open choice of unsubscribing. Meanwhile, you can do that following the procedure mentioned on our website. If having any hesitation or difficulty in unsubscribing, contact us via email. Other than that, you can also call our customer support team for further actions.

Discounts and sale policy

First and foremost, we mention our discounted prices with each product when there is seasonal sale time. However, most of the time, there are sale coupons available that a buyer must submit while emptying the cart. For such specific conditions, a consumer must remember the discounted coupon code and enter it in the place when checking out. However, we won’t be responsible for any future claims of the discount, if a buyer would forget to add the specifically mentioned coupon code in the required place.

Moreover, our team would take legal actions against a crime like a cybersecurity attack or using illegal shortcuts to avail discounts. Make sure that you completely agree to these terms before checking out or making a purchase on our website.